Today is a good day…..

No, I’d have to say, today was probably one of the best days I’ve had in some time.


Yeah, I got to spend the majority of my day with this little stinker.

So he got me up a little earlier than I’d wanted. No biggie.

Momma got a chance to sleep in (a little, but not much).

Momma goes off to work, boys get breakfast together. Well,

he got his breakfast about about half of daddy’s.

Then a chance to sit and watch a little tv together, then off

to a donut treat. But of course, we can’t have donuts without taking

one to momma at work. What a grin he got seeing her at work. Then it was off to a drive around

town in search of a park and playground we hadn’t been to before.

And then, an unexpected invite to hang out with Uncle Winston and his kids offered a ton of new things

for him to look at, play with, almost break (sorry about the monster truck ramp, Isaiah). A ton of outdoor

playtime, a bite to eat, and off to help daddy catch Pokemon (I mean, off to catch Pokemon with daddy’s help),

and then a nice long nap (3 hours!!). And while he slept, I got to relax, greet Dani when she

got home, and just be hubby and wife w/o interruption (do NOT read that inappropriately!!!).

Out for dinner, and then searching for those playgrounds we never found this morning. Finally found

a good one (Thanks, Good Shepard), then home to get him a bath, read some books, and now he’s in bed.

It’s been a long day, but man, has it been fun. Danielle and Levi make life so worth it. Love you two with all my