Oxford Calling Webster, can someone bring this guy a dictionary

Until today, I thought I had heard the most inane political statement ever with this particular phrase:

Inane Political Statement

Uh, no.  The idea is to see what is in a bill before it’s passed.  That way the population is informed enough to know it we want our representatives to pass the bill!  Okay, not that our representatives will actually vote the way we want/expect them to, but that’s the point.

But yesterday, I think I heard something that tops even this statement. 

Even more inane political statements

Okay, now I want to be clear about something. I am not making a stab at either of the individuals above, nor am I making a comment on their affiliated political party.  This post is aimed at the members of our political system en mass.  I’d be boggling over statements like this second one no matter who said it – sex, race, and political affiliation aside.

I think there comes to a point where we really have to ask, “how long is too long?”  Some (okay, most?) of our politicians have turned public service into a lifetime career.  The intent of the Founding Fathers was that Senators and Reps were to serve for a time, then return to the people they served.  Somewhere along the way someone threw that idea out the window.  But this is not a new revelation.  Hearing the statements above is making me a strong believer in term limits for all politicians.  I honestly believe that anyone spending too much time in the “public sector” becomes a victim of a warped sense of intelligence.

To summarize, the statement included in the second link comes from a now very high ranking political figure who claims that America’s tax system is a “voluntary” tax system, not an “involuntary” one.  The problem I am having is that in his attempt to describe what an involuntary tax system is, he clearly defines the American tax system!!! 

At what point do you begin declaring someone delusional?  Just asking.

Now, I could be wrong, but last I checked, my employer is currently taking taxes out of my check.  This isn’t a voluntary decision on my part, the government makes sure they do that automatically.  Sounds like this politicians definition of “involuntary”.

The politician is asked if we could voluntarily choose to not pay our taxes.  The response is yes, to which the question is posed, don’t we get fined or imprisoned?  Calling Leona Helmsley (and various other’s who have not paid taxes). 

So, let’s be clear on this (and yes, I REALLY wanted to insert a link with that las phrase to a clip of the prez saying that, over and over and over.  Just couldn’t find a good enough one).  We have a voluntary tax system (which isn’t voluntary since government makes sure my employer is taking out taxes for me), but if I take the voluntary action of NOT paying taxes, the mob (IRS) send their enforcers (IRS Agents) to beat down my door, rough me up, and take my money (audit me, garnish my wages, etc).

This politician’s attempt to spin and redefine voluntary vs involuntary in regards to our tax system is amazing.  It’s honestly sad to watch this individual try to make taxation something we should like (?).

Like I said, I’m not trying to point fingers at a political party, or this individual exclusively, but I am pointing to our elected leaders in general.  Since we, the populace, elect these individuals into positions of “leadership”, these people do work for us.  We should expect real honest speak, not spin and double talk.  And certainly not something inane and obviously false like trying to claim we have one thing, while describing the opposite of it – which is a perfect description of what we have!

I’m sure if I hunted enough, I could find all sorts of brain busting, painful statements by politicians from all across the country.  I just think my brain cells would appreciate it if I don’t.