Slow days

Not that I’m complaining, but it’s been slow the past two weeks at work. I feel like I should be looking for something to do, but then I watch the others that I’m working with and apparently it’s okay to not be active 100% of the time. Also, tonight’s soccer practice. I enjoy getting to Read More…

Spring Break

First day of spring break, and the office is strangely dark and quiet. Dark only because of the 4 of us in the office this morning, no one’s bothered to turn on the main overhead lights. Dark mode it is. And no complaints with work because the support requets queue is rather quiet and easy Read More…

Current random thought

Been awhile since I updated this. Hoping I can get back to doing that on a more regular basis. My current random thought is simply this: I had to rebuild my Surface Pro 3 back from factory default OS (Windows 10 v1511). Managed to get it upgraded to v2004 and then installed Windows 11. So Read More…

Way too long

It’s been too long since I offered a random thought. So today I just off a random dad joke. I tried to find some camoflauge pants but I couldn’t find any. You’re welcome.

Binge worthy

Just finished binge watching seasons 1-3 of the Netflix series Cobra Kai. I’ll just go ahead and deduce that if you are reading this, you know the genesis of this story arc. So I won’t rehash that. It’s a great memory from my younger years. Heck, I think I’m about the same age as Ralph Read More…

Just some more randomness

Congratulations to president-elect Biden and VP-elect Harris on their (probably soon to be confirmed) election to the Oval office. While I may not agree with a majority of your policies, I am going to wish you luck during your administration and hope you make decisions that will benefit the country. Hoping you both don’t get Read More…

Lord help me

Because I’m really struggling today. I need a lot of calming peace and help with patience today. I seriously feel like my wits end. I don’t like feeling like this. I need your mercy and grace today.


I hate this stupid dizziness spell I’m going through. Means I can’t play with Levi like he wants. Which is a disappointment for him and I both. And it doesn’t help Dani when she needs me to help with him and give her a break.


I gotta say, with just two episode left in the series, I’m very saddened to see it going off the air. It has been a good run. The build up to this ending has been amazing.