Today’s Random Thought

Divergent = Hunger Games Insurgent = Hunger Games + The Village Allegiant = Hunger Games + The Village + The Truman Show. That is all.

Most current random thoughts

#1: Saddened, of course, to hear of the passing of such a funny man, Robin Williams.  So many thoughts about depression, Parkinson’s, choices, selfishness/not selfishness.  I won’t go into detail on my thoughts on those, but I will say that it’s heartbreaking to think that a man with such talent and passion for making other Read More…


I hate endings.  Well, sometimes I hate endings, sometimes they are good.  Today, not so much though. For the past I don’t know how long, I’ve been listening to a podcast on it’s regular schedule.  Usually a new episode every three weeks, a two week break, and then the next chapter over three weeks.  The Read More…

A productive weekend

Gotta say, this weekend was a pleasantly productive weekend; purchased and laid out 5 bags of new mulch; fitted myself for a costume piece (now to save for and purchase it); mowed and tended the yard;  got shopping done; great Sunday morning worship and message; lunch and backsplash measurements with a good friend; Guardians of Read More…

Today’s random thoughts

Paid our first payment on our new house today.  Even though it’s more than our last home, it didn’t hurt being able to authorize that payment.  It actually felt really good. Now if we can just get TWC to get our cable buried before it gets mowed and chewed up, I’ll be a happy camper.