Christmas Wish List

So, I tried this last year for Christmas, then again for my birthday.  So I figure I’ll try it again.  As Christmas approaches, this might be the easiest way to let people know what I might be interested in getting for the holiday.  So here’s my wish list (so far.  And yes, I know it’s short, I never really want much.)


Book: The Jedi Path (available at

Tablet: Motorola Xoom 32Gb Wifi (Verizon 3G would be nice, but not necessary.  Please notify me if this link ever stops working.) or a Microsoft Surface

Star Wars license plate;  Jedi Order plates or Yoda (available on ebay)

Star Wars plate frame or Jedi academy frame

Kangoo Jumps training shoes

Skyrim for XBox 360

Microsoft Points (1600 is good, and multiples of these are good too).  And this is a random link, these can pe purchased just about anywhere)