Letters to the family

Dear mom and dad,

It feels weird writing this letter to you.  I always enjoyed sending you emails, mom.  It was such a quick and easy way to stay in touch.  And I know that dad would always hear about what I sent you.  Of course, the weekly phone calls were always so special.  It was fantastic to hear your voice.

Now, since our Father called you both home, I don’t get the chance to do that anymore.  It’s amazing how much we miss the little things like that.  I think I took for granted how easy it was to pick up a phone and call.  I got used to thinking you would always be there.  Even though I knew you wouldn’t, it was nice to think otherwise.

Where do I begin?  I’m sure you already know how much I miss you both.  Things just don’t feel the same without you here.  I know you are doing well, and enjoying your new bodies while getting to be with our Father.  I’ve got so many things that I wanted to share with you, questions to ask, fun things to share.

I really missed having you both at Dani and my wedding.  Dad, you’ll be happy to know that Aunt Judy and Uncle Jerry were able to attend.  Uncle Jim and Aunt Sharon were supposed to, but an annoying tropical storm gave them too much of a worry, and they couldn’t.  Aunt Judy and Uncle Jerry filled in your spots, as I would have broken down had your places of honor had been empty that day.

Dani looked so beautiful.  Dad, I know you met her, and really loved her.  Mom, she’s so much like you, sometimes I think she’s channeling you.  🙂  Short, beautiful, spunky, feisty.  she’s the perfect gift that God has given me.

We’re getting ready, obviously, to have our first Christmas together (as a married couple).  The tree is beautiful, lots of gifts under there, and right now, I keep thinking that all I really want is to talk with you two face to face again.  I know I need to be patient, and that opportunity will come again.  It just seems like it’s so far away.

I’m going to go for now/  I know you’re enjoying your time in heaven, but will you look in on us every once in awhile?