A galaxy not so far away….


So, my lunchtime at work and my late nights have been occupied with binge watching some series. Recently I discovered that Amazon had all 5 seasons of Gene Rodenberry’s Andromeda. I just started season 2. I initially missed a huge chunk of the middle seasons, having seen most of season 1 and 5, but not much inbetween.  And after watching this many episodes, I have just a few random thoughts on the show.



1) Season 1 has a much better title song than season 2.

2) This is really cheesy sci-fi action; bad acting, silly writing, and really not great special effects.

3) The layout of the Andromeda Ascendant’s decks make absolutely no sense what so ever. An interstellar battle ship with inter-deck ladders?


Honestly, it’s just mind-numbing fun that I don’t take anywhere near serious.