Best random quote of the week

**conversation regarding my 2 year old nephew-in-law** Brother in law: “How big of a Christmas gift would it be if I taught him to call you ‘Yoda’?” Me: **grinning from ear to ear** ‘nuff said.

Conversation with self

What sounds good for lunch today? Cajun. *drives to Cajun restaurant* *sign on door* We are closed for good. Thanks for your patronage Osik. Now what? Light helping of Chinese. Sounds good.

This week’s (well, last week’s) Random Thoughts

Random Thought #1) Politicians are dumb.  This is nothing new, but the absurdity this week from both sides is completely mind numbing.  To start, Republicans apparently wanted to introduce legislation that legislates nothing.   Then we get that genius mastermind Harry Reid saying this.  Apparently someone hasn’t been watching the news lately. Random Thought #2) Read More…

Random Thought of the Day

Today’s random thought: I have the strangest group of D-Group boys known to man.  Really, eating jelly beans that were on the floor and wept into a dust pan?  We really need to talk next semester.

This week’s Random Thoughts

Fireworks this week were nice.  Although we didn’t hit up the big organized displays in town, we got to sit out on the driveway and watch some neighborhood displays.  However, I’d like to ask that since the 4th was on Friday, there really isn’t a need to keep firing off the displays on Sunday the Read More…

Random thoughts of the day

1) I truly am my fathers son.  Conversation this weekend while passing an old cemetery; Me: Guess how many people are buried in that cemetery. Wife: How many? Me: All of them. Thanks for that groaner, dad.  2) I’m finding it truly sad and pathetic of some of Hollywood’s “celebrities” (and in the case of Read More…