The downward spiral

No, it’s not a bad thing.  It’s my weight.  Officially down to 182.4 as of this morning.  Lowest I’ve been in a long time.  My pre-wedding weight was 185.  I won’t discuss how far back up I went while on honeymoon, and it’s taken this long to get it back off.  But the good news Read More…

Reality Check

  To the current administration; We don’t believe you.   [youtube=]   Respectfully, Secretary Chu, No.  You do not get an A or better as a grade for your performance to keep our gas prices down.  I think this says it all, and this isn’t even the worst in the country. Let me just say, Read More…

No thoughts

  Haven’t updated for awhile, besides my last news article posting.  I’m still alive, and so is Danielle.  But nothing exciting happening right now.  Hence, no updates.   That is all for now.  May the Force be with you.

The Rush To Censor Limbaugh | Fox News

While I don’t agree or condone the word choice of Rush, I do agree with Mr. Bozell’s assessment of the hypocrisy of the Left in regards to the moral outrage. The Rush To Censor Limbaugh | Fox News