Good day

Feel rather accomplished for it having been such an early morning. For a family walk in, playtime for Levi at the playground, breakfast, rehung a mirror and some wall art in the bathroom, and got his second car seat out back in my car. Okay, I’m beat.

There are NINE planets!!!

Personal pet peeve. I still consider Pluto an actual planet not a dwarf planet. Even if the IAU definition doesn’t apply, give Pluto planetary status due to its historical context. Or worst case call it an honorary planet.


Feeling very remorseful after hearing of the passing of an old high school friend. I don’t know what was going on in his head, or his heart, but I hope he’s found some peace now.

Well Kark

Had intended on uploading pictures of Levi’s 4th birthday this past week. But little did I know that my phone was saving in HEIC format instead of jpg, so uploads failed. Need to check site settings or convert a bunch of pictures.

Kung fu toddler

I’m highly impressed with Levi’s ability to make a well formed and aimed heel kick. Right to my eye and glasses yesterday. Hurt like hell but didn’t break the glasses (thankfully). And I didn’t even teach him how to do that. Perhaps in another year or two I can start to officially train him. Guess Read More…

A prayer for patience

Father in Heaven, This wasn’t my best day. You already know this, as you know all things. But I must confess them now to you. I feel like I failed as a father today. I allowed my sons disobedience and petulance push me past my boundaries. I let my frustrations at his choice to not Read More…