My name is Drew. Thank you for taking time to visit my website.

These are my personal pages.  I occasionally share random thoughts and information here. Usually, it’s harmless stuff about society, entertainment, or perhaps a religious thought.

First, a little more about me.  Here are some interesting facts about me;

. . . . . . . .

And here are the more uninteresting facts about me;

I’ve been married now for 9 years.  I love my wife dearly, she’s the best person in the world.

I’m enjoying my twelfth year in my current job as a computer consultant with Keller Schroeder.  I’m (still) working on getting my MCSA certification again.  Finally got a good set of study materials to pursue that goal.

I’m also a first degree black belt in Shotokan karate.  I’m currently not training, but intend to pick it up when I can.

My wife and I also completed the adoption process of our son, Levi William. He’s the best thing to happen to us since we got married. The little bug is now 3.5 heading for 4, and I’m still amazed this tiny human is running around our house happy as can be ad wanting so much time with me.

If you have suggestions for content on my site, feel free to comment here and let me know.

(Header image not mine, but props to Disney (and Disney+) for the logo. I’m a huge Star Wars fan, and want to thank them and all involved for bringing Mandos to the small screen this November)