Binge worthy

Just finished binge watching seasons 1-3 of the Netflix series Cobra Kai.

I’ll just go ahead and deduce that if you are reading this, you know the genesis of this story arc. So I won’t rehash that. It’s a great memory from my younger years. Heck, I think I’m about the same age as Ralph Macchio is.

But just to clarify, even if you haven’t seen the original movies, this series is pretty good. Some harsh language, so careful if that bothers you. But it was a good watch, and got better as the seasons went on. Towards the end of season three, I just have one question…why don’t the LaRusso’s have a video surveillance system (ever heard of Ring?) installed at their house. Would have made a resolution even easier. Watch it, you’ll understand.

But a good series, with a lot of good old school faces being included. Makes it even more worth it.