I’m not intending on sounding rude, racist, or mean in any way with this question, but I have a serious question to ask.

We have hundreds and thousands of homeless and hungry people in this country already.  Many are US citizens that were born and raised here, and either by acts of service (former vets) or possibly things beyond their control, have no homes and live on the streets, or can’t make enough money to provide food for their kids or themselves.

We currently, as a country as a whole, don’t provide for the basic needs of many of our own people (either by government programs or enough private charity programs).  Obviously, if we did, we wouldn’t have the homeless and hunger problems.

So explain to me how, with apparently not enough resources for our people already here, are we going to take in tens of thousands of refugees (and no, I’m not factoring in anything other than they aren’t US citizens) and provide them quality comfort and aid? 

I know this is an old argument, but shouldn’t we put our citizens first?  Just mind boggled.  I’m not saying don’t let them in, just wondering how we’re gonna effectively help take care of them.