Heaven help us…

Alright, so here it is.  The primary season is now officially over.  We have our presumptive nominees for both major parties, and for some of the third party platforms as well.

To recap, in case you’ve been living off grid for awhile (how are you reading this?), our presumptive Democratic nominee is Hillary Clinton, the presumptive Republican nominee is Donald Trump, and slightly less well known but polling higher than in 08 is the Libertarian Party nominee Gary Johnson.

Yes, I include Gary Johnson in this post because frankly I think a lot of Americans are tired of the same two party politics.  There is another option. 

Anyway, as an independent voter, here’s what I want to see over the next few months before November gets here.  And this goes out to all three candidates:

1) Stop the personal attacks.  Don’t denigrate someone because of their sex, their age, their hair (or faux hair).  Focus on the issues that matter.

2) You are not better than your opposing party candidate.  You’ve got your party nomination pretty much so wrapped up.  Explain to me, as an independent voter why your policies are better than the other two.

3) Speaking of which, while your out and about, you’ve been using catch phrases like, “Make America Great Again” and whatever Hillary’s ever changing catch phrase is.  Stop.  No need for those anymore.  Focus on giving us some specifics.  Tell me what kind of policies you really want to do.  Tell me how you’re going to do it, not why your policy which you haven’t told us about is better than the other guys, which they haven’t told us about.

4) Talk about some real issues.  Tell me about what’s really going to matter.  How are you going to ensure America is economically growing?  What will you do to convince businesses to either stay or come back and create jobs?  What about border enforcement?  I’m not just talking the southern border, so don’t think I’m being racist.  We’ve got 3 other borders that people can slip through.  And I’m talking people that want to do harm to us, like ISIS members and sympathizers.  What will you do to ensure my Constitutional rights are protected?  How will you guarantee my protected rights consistently while protecting others rights as well?

I hope that isn’t too much to ask, but somehow, I doubt I’ll really get the answers I’m looking for.