Updates from the bunny ranch….

Okay, stop thinking like that.  I don’t mean that bunny ranch.  No, this is just an update on the latest of our 6 house guests I posted about.

Turns out last night that my oldest pup, Colt, finally figured out we had some new kids.  I found him trying to introduce himself to a pair of them.  I only found him because when I opened the back door and called him and Bella in, she came inside, he didn’t.  I walked out into the yard, thinking he’d managed to get under the fence somehow.  As I was walking back I saw him in their fenced in area.

So now I’m having to make sure I go outside with him and Bella and keep them away from the babies.  I got to see 4 of the 6 this evening, so I hope the other pair are okay and just hiding.