New house guests…

Well, awhile back I posted a question to Facebook asking if anyone knew what this was:


I ran over it with the lawn mower, fortunately not actually penetrating it or doing any damage to it.  But it worried me because it started moving.  I originally thought bird’s nest, since I had heard bird calling out there the night before.

But, ninety percent of the responses said rabbit hole.  Well, I’m happy to confirm that we now have 6, yes 6, new baby rabbits in the back yard.


WP_20160402_003 There’s two little bunnies in this imate.  One is sitting on top of the other.

WP_20160402_002 There really is a little furball hiding about halfway up that picture.

WP_20160402_001 Yes, the grass is tall enough that they are a little hard to see.

So I snapped these pictures after checking on them yesterday while I was mowing the back yard.  Figured it would be best to block off that area, so I grabbed our old play-gate and blocked it off.


Don’t worry, I left enough space for them to get out, and momma to get in.


Unfortunately, we think that momma was caught by some dogs that were roaming the neighborhood yesterday.  We hadn’t seen them before, and the momma generally hangs out in my neighbors yard.  I found out today that they haven’t seen her at all since yesterday.  I’m hoping she’s still around.  I don’t know how to take care of baby rabbits.