Random thoughts of the day

1) I truly am my fathers son.  Conversation this weekend while passing an old cemetery;

Me: Guess how many people are buried in that cemetery.

Wife: How many?

Me: All of them.

Thanks for that groaner, dad. 

2) I’m finding it truly sad and pathetic of some of Hollywood’s “celebrities” (and in the case of one individual whose initials are KK, I use that term loosely, since I am not certain what KK is actually noteworthy for) that look to seek approval and attention for absolutely no reason.  And they draw that attention to themselves with inappropriate and immodest clothing choices.  Skip the “If you got it, flaunt it” mentality.  If you’re a mother, cover up.  And stop being an attention-scamp.  it’s pathetic.  Sadly, too many in society will want to give you that attention.

3) Yeah for video training at work.  Video “boot camp”ing my way through Microsoft 70-410 study videos for getting my Server 2012 MCSA certification.  Also thank goodness for absolutely minimal client calls at the moment so I can study.

That’s if for now.