This week’s Random Thoughts

Fireworks this week were nice.  Although we didn’t hit up the big organized displays in town, we got to sit out on the driveway and watch some neighborhood displays.  However, I’d like to ask that since the 4th was on Friday, there really isn’t a need to keep firing off the displays on Sunday the 6th.  Thanks.

This week marks the annual Crossroads Christian Church Middle School Ministry mission trip to Pikeville, TN.  Keeping 60 adult leaders and kids in my prayers this week as they work hard to help a lot of needy people.  Last week the CCC HS Ministry worked their mission here in town for one of our locally impoverished neighborhoods.  So amazed by the hearts of these kids and the work they did.

I generally try to keep politics to a minimum, but I want to know why anyone thinks it’s okay to allow hundreds of thousands of undocumented immigrants (let’s call them what they really are, illegal aliens!) into the country and then provide them with all sorts of taxpayer funded social benefits like housing, food, and education?  Since when did we reward illegal activity?  Why aren’t I awarded a good citizen award and given a taxpayer funded check for running a red light?  Why aren’t drug dealers and meth makers given pharmaceutical licenses for free?  When will Leona Helmsly and Mike Tyson be release from jail for tax evasion and given compensation for their time behind bars for not paying taxes?  Why are people illegally crossing our borders being rewarded for breaking our laws?

Speaking of breaking our laws, when will the current administration realize that it can’t just make laws willy nilly without Congressional approval?  I know the current pres wants to blame the opposite party that controls the house for not working with him.  But if he’d actually suggest something they wanted to work with instead of just demanding they rubber stamp his proposals as is, he might find they’d be willing to work with him.  And oh, btw, the party controlling the Senate, the same party as the WH administration, has blocked the majority of the House passed bills by simply not bringing the bills up on the Senate floor for a vote.  So, who’s holding up legislation?

Some days I want to weep for our society, but then realize shedding tears for it will produce no results.  At least I can pray for it.