This week’s (well, last week’s) Random Thoughts

Random Thought #1) Politicians are dumb.  This is nothing new, but the absurdity this week from both sides is completely mind numbing. 

To start, Republicans apparently wanted to introduce legislation that legislates nothing.


Then we get that genius mastermind Harry Reid saying this.  Apparently someone hasn’t been watching the news lately.

Random Thought #2) Wishing this happy couple a lot of congratulations!!


Best Wishes on your happy day and may you have a blessed future together.

Random Thought #3) It was fun getting kidnapped two of my best friends and taken to see Rifftraxx Live: Sharknado at the theater this week.  The movie is horrible (and it knows it), but the riffing was fun, and time with the guys was very welcome indeed.


Random Thought #4) Prayer go out to the families and friends of the lost souls of MH17.