He is Risen!!

While walking my pup this morning, I looked to the eastern sky.  The sun had not fully risen over the horizon yet, and the few clouds that were in the sky were a beautiful orange-ish red with the light of the coming day.

Remembering it was Easter Sunday, and thinking back several decades to the sunrise (son-rise?) services we used to have at my dad’s churches, I had a quick mental flash of what that particular day might have been like few centuries ago.

Specifically, I wondered what I would have been like back then.  Had I been a follower, and someone came running up and told me that a man who had been nailed to a tree just three days prior was no longer dead and had risen from his grave, how would I have reacted?

Without the precedent of George Romero, Resident Evil, and The Walking Dead, what would have been my thoughts?  A miracle?  Crazy talk?  Wishful thinking?  Excitement?  Hope?  Realization? Conspiracy?

Given what I know and full-heartedly believe now about Jesus’ resurrection, it’s hard to say how I would have felt if I were a follower back then.  I’d like to believe that understanding and acceptance would have been my reaction.  I am glad that I am secure now that I don’t have to fear being associated with, and knowing, Christ Jesus.  I don’t have to deny Him, nor do I have to flee and hide.

Sadly there are many that do, but I am thankful that I don’t live somewhere that I have to be afraid.  I’m not ashamed to say that I am weak, I am a sinner, and I know and accept that Christ died for my sins, and I will live in eternity because I’ve accepted that sacrifice on our behalf.  I’m not perfect, and being a Christian doesn’t make me better than anyone else.  It just means I have a more exacting standard with which to live my life.  But mostly, it means I’m forgiven, and that’s a great feeling this Easter morning.