Totally random thought for today

It is officially 3 weeks from today that Danielle and I will be closing on our new home and selling our current one.

The building process has been long, exciting, apprehensive, overwhelming, and a few other adjectives I can’t list at the moment.

You can see the home progress at our other blog, where we are posting pictures on a weekly basis of the process.

I had the most random thought this morning while getting ready for work that soon I’ll be showering in a completely new shower, fixing my favorite cup of caf in a brand new kitchen, walking my dog in the mornings in a completely new neighborhood, and all sorts of other brand new things as Dani and I move into a new phase of life.

Trying to be patient for the next three weeks is going to be tough.  Concentrating on packing during our available free times should help keep the anxiety levels to a minimum (yeah right).