There are good people in the world

Yesterday wasn’t the best of morning when it comes to yard work.  After the immense amount of rain so quickly after the temps finally got warm, my grass (okay, the 7 types of weeds that make it look like I have grass) sprang up like an untamed tropical jungle.

Needless to say, I needed to mow my yard.  So off to the shed I trudged, determined to get my yard mowed and not get frustrated if the mower didn’t start.  Guess what?  It didn’t start.  Yup, wouldn’t crank over for anything.  So I made sure it had a full tank (more on this in a minute), checked the oil, cleaned the filter, and made sure the primer pump was actually priming fuel.

Okay, so to my untrained eye everything looked fine.  But nothing.  So as a last resort of my own thinking, I pulled the spark plug.  The gap looked a little damp, which it isn’t supposed to (as I was later informed).  So off to the hardware store I go to get a replacement.

Sadly, that didn’t do the trick.  So I resigned myself to getting some assistance on Saturday to get it working.  Well, about 4 pm yesterday, my neighbor knocks on our door and asked if we’d been having trouble with the mower.  I admitted that I had and didn’t have the skills to fix it.  He offered to let me use his mower while he was out for the evening.  Then he even offered to look at and try to get my mower working.

I’ve lived in this house for 12 years, and he’s always been pleasant, but we haven’t interacted very often over the years.  But this was so unexpected and appreciated that I’m just blown away.  As a matter of fact, as I was writing thing, he stopped by to get my mower, and is working on it right now.

Dani and I will have to show our appreciation by making him something good.  Dani’s good at that.  It’s so amazing being the recipient of help in a time of need.  Even as small of a need as this, it’s one way I can look and know that in my big time of need, God will provide for us.