Birthday celebrations

I got the chance to celebrate the wife’s birthday a few days early. Her family’s history is that they don’t celebrate a birthday on a single day. No, they do it for an entire week. Gotta love that tradition.

So we started Danielle’s birthday week yesterday with a quick trip out of town and away from the house. For four years (2 dating, 2 married), we’ve said we would go spend a day at Holiday World and Splashin Safari. So we finally got the chance to do it. The worst part of it was that with the mild summer we’d been having until recently, the weekend I plan to take Danielle to the amusement park is probably the hottest weekend of the summer so far. But hey, what can we say? We got to hit up the coasters (with almost no lines), had some good food (no, we didn’t overeat or over snack), and had a good time with Greg Eberhart and Sam Morris who were able to join us for the day. We capped off the day with a delicious dinner at Log Inn, which, if you haven’t been to, it’s wonderful food. Take 3 or more people, and get dinner served Family Style.

And the great part if this all is, this was just day one of the birthday celebration time. J Today is a relaxing day at church and home. Tomorrow, Labor Day, NO PLANS!!!!! Well, here will be some family time tomorrow, but no other solid plans. Yeah, this is going to be a nice relaxing weekend.