A Day of Rest

Yes, today is a rest day because tomorrow is my first ever 5K.  I’m running in the YMCA 5K Warm Up run in preparation for the Evansville Half Marathon (Oct 7th, 7am).

So it’s about time to shower, grab a bite to eat, head to work, oh, and get my race packet at lunch.  Can I just say how stoked I am to be doing this?

The rain last night was welcomed, and I see it’s supposed to rain both today and tomorrow.  I remember walking in the Flying Pig Half Marathon a year or so ago.  It was down-pouring prior to the race, and on and off raining the whole course.  I got massive blisters on the balls of my feet from soaked socks.  I hope the rain holds off tomorrow morning until after the run.

Btw, race starts at 7, I should be crossing the finish line between 7:33 and 7:35.  If anyone wants to come down and cheer me on along the way, it’d really give me an emotional boost.  Danielle and Sam will be there, and I know they might appreciate some more people too.