Breakfast on the go

So, Danielle has been a very busy woman lately.  Have I mentioned how much I love her for this?

As I posted not too long ago, she found some mini muffin recipes to pre-bake, then I can just pop them in the microwave, and voila, breakfast.

I’d love to add a picture or two of her recent ideas, but let’s just say, she’s smart and thrifty.  She made some more mini muffins (bacon and cheese and ham and cheese omlette) flavors this time.  But in an effort to give me a wider variety, last night she and I also pre-made “egg mcmuffins”.

Now, I had never thought to try this, but take your muffin pan, spray each cup with non-stick cooking spray, then crack one egg into each cup.  Pop in the oven at 350 for about 10 minutes or so, and you have a nice little egg (2 WW PPV per egg).  While those are cooking, toast up a dozen english muffins (We use Healthy Life Lite, for 2 WW PPV per muffin).  Add 1/2 a slice of low-fat cheese (1 WW PPV per) once the english mufins have a chance to cool.  Recommendation, don’t let the cheese go over the edges.  It makes them messy when you re-heat the sandwich.  Once  the eggs are done, add one egg to each muffin, top with the muffin top, and let the whole thing cool off. 

Once they are cool, wrap each one in a paper towel, place several in a large 1 gallon freezer safe ziplock bag, and freeze the batch.  When your ready, just pop one in the microwave, heat for about 1:45, and you have a tasty 5 PPV breakfast sandwich.  heat some turkey bacon and add to the sandwich or a sausage patty for another point or two, and you still have a great tasting sandwich!

Next time, we’ll be working to make southwestern breakfast burritos.  And before you ask, yes, a dozen egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches comes in a LOT cheaper than buying them pre-made.