Tried a New tasty

Dani and I tried a new dish tonight.  Thin Crust pizzas from Fresh Market. 

Got to sample the Three Meat pizza and the White 4 Cheese and Spinach pizza.

Actually WW Point Plus friendly, both pizzas had a very good flavor.  I don’t normally like thin crusts, but these were very light and crispy.  They kind of reminded me of pizza I had while in Italy several years ago.

The Three Meat was ham, sausage and Canadian Bacon.  good mix, easy on the sauce.  The 4 cheese and spinach was a creamy, rich blend of cheeses, with a not too heavy (for me) smattering of spinach.  Dani though some of the spinach clumps were a little too much.

All in all, I’d recommend trying one of these pizzas out if there’s a Fresh market near you.