Things for the day

Things I’m not happy about or disappointed with today;

1) the annoying return to my teenage years as I’ve developed a pimple on my right cheek

2) a general blah mood that’s come over me for some reason

Okay, so now let’s see what all makes today a great day

1) I woke up and saw my wonderful wife

2) God blessed us with a beautiful day, with plenty of clean air, lots of sunshine, and cool temps

3) it’s been a fairly productive day with my client so far

4) I’ve eaten food

5) I took a shower

6) I’m gainfully employed

7) I’m vertical and sucking air

8) I have family and friends that love me and care about me

9) I have a Heavenly Father that loved me so much He sacrificed His only son for so we can have a relationship.

Oh yeah, the good definitely out-weighs the bad.  It always will when I add item #9 to the list.