A little too much imagination….or really intriguing audio drama


So I recently started listening to an audio drama called We’re Alive (you can find it here).  Yes, if you know me, and you think about the title, it’s a zombie themed audio drama.

I listen to this while I’m running (no, I’m not preparing for the Zombie 5K Run for your Life – yet).  Strangely, I can keep pace with the spoken word better than I can with music.

Anyway, I got somewhat drawn into the story recently while out on a run.  At one point, the audio (well done) had the noises of an impending zombie encounter playing in my right earbud.  As the audio built and the zombie attack came full force (groans, growls, and banging sounds playing full force in the right ear), I catch a glimpse of movement in my peripheral vision on my right side.

Yes, I admit it, my heart and adrenaline spiked.  I jolted, and actually changed directions to avoid the zombie that I knew was coming to get me.  Only then did I realize that the zombie was a little too short, had four legs, and was chained in his front yard.  And sadly, I know that dog lives there and barks at everyone and races at them when they pass.

Needless to say, the heart finally stopped racing.  I’ll have to pay more attention to the surroundings while running.  Maybe get mentally prepped for that Run for Your Life 5K.