It’s Sunday, November 20th.  We here in America (like anyone international is reading this) celebrate Thanksgiving this week.  Okay, so most (if not all) of you already knew that.

Perhaps a silly way to start today’s blog.  But hey, I’m allowed, right?  I mean, it is my blog. 

So I think this week I’m going to try and mention once a day at least one thing I can think of that I’m thankful for.  This could be difficult, as there’s so much for me to say.  By no means will it be a comprehensive list, and I may not get into all the details and reasons why I’m thankful for some things, but I just feel the need to share.


So, I shall start with today’s list of things I’m thankful for; (and no, these really aren’t in any specific order)

#1) Danielle.  Okay, who didn’t expect me to say how thankful I am for her as my first entry?

My life has changed dramatically since we were introduced.  I’ll admit, when we first met, I didn’t even have a thought about potential marriage.  But over time, I’ve come to realize how much she’s enhanced and improved my life.

I always wondered why none of my other relationships and pursuits ever seemed to have worked out.  I’m thoroughly convinced that it’s because of the values and beliefs that Danielle and I share.

We like doing the same things (most of the time), and we both have decided in our marriage to put our relationship with God before our relationship with each other.  And we are always encouraging each other to grow closer to God.  Neither of us is jealous that we aren’t first in each other’s lives.  We WANT the other to put God first.  And this is really keeping us close.

#2) Food.  Okay, this may sound a bit arrogant.  It’s not meant to.  I had a reminder the other day of how thankful I should be for the food I eat. 

It wasn’t anything in specific or anyone I saw.  But I simply remember that I had just finished a filling meal, thought about the amount of food I’d just eaten, and was suddenly overwhelmed by the fact that I have the means to eat as well as I do (okay, a bit too well).

I believe God whispered in my heart that there are others right here in Evansville that don’t get to eat as well as I can on a regular basis.  I don’t necessarily know their circumstances, nor do I really need to know.  Obviously, it is a deeper display of compassion by getting to know and understand someone else’s struggles.

So as I plan my week of nutrition and prepare to watch my food intake on Thursday (yes, I really am still trying to lose the post wedding weight), I am going to start planning to make time to volunteer to server dinners at the ERM.  Perhaps I will also start making regular donations to help feed others. 


That is all for today.  More tomorrow.  Till then, be well, God bless, and may the Force be with you.