Nothing new to report

Well, I must admit, there’s nothing new to report in my blog today.  So why am I even bothering to blog?  Just because.  Smile


My life is life.  I work, I eat, I pray, I read, I spend time with my wife.  What more can I ask for?  Coming soon, some thoughts on the upcoming Thanksgiving and Christmas season.  Perhaps some thoughts on current events in society.  Who knows.  Just depends on what I can get around to writing and when. 

Client work today, so I don’t see the office.  I love my job, but I love not being in the office too.  Smile  When I’m not in the office, it means I’m getting to interact with the clients and tend to their needs.  Which means God is blessing my work place with steady work, we’re prosperous, and Keller Schroeder refuses to participate in the recession. 

That is all, more later.


May the Force be with you.