Getting stuff done

Well, thanks to my company bonus, tax returns, and hopefully wise financial management, I’ve just paid off a surgery on my eye from the beginning of last year.  It feels good to pay things off and not have debts hovering over my head. 

Now I get to look forward to aggressively paying off my car and my student loan.  I’m successfully saving for Danielle’s and my honeymoon, plus getting money set aside for home projects in preparation for selling the house. 

I’ll have to give full credit to The One above, though.  It’s all His doing.  He’s blessed me and I’ve been trusting Him to provide and guide, and He has.  Thank you, God for your blessing in this aspect (well, ALL aspects) of my life.

True statement on how He works in us.  I used to never tithe at church, because I couldn’t afford it.  But I decided awhile back to start budgeting a tithe first.  Guess what happened?  Seriously, I not only ADDED another deduction from each paycheck in the form of a tithe, but somehow I started ending up with more money out of each paycheck unallocated.  And that was after paying everything.  Something I couldn’t do before tithing. 

So, can you explain how I can essentially spend more of each paycheck and miraculously end up with MORE money?  That’s God’s will in our lives, when we trust in Him.