Just have to sound off

I probably shouldn’t, but I feel the need to get a few thoughts out of my head regarding what’s happening in WI.

First, to the Democratic Senators that have fled into hiding to postpone the vote; you are cowards, plain and simple.  You know you don’t have the votes against your Republican counterparts, so instead of facing it and being responsible public servants (and in the case of most politicians, I use that term loosely), you duck out and play a childish, immature game of hide and seek.  What are you, adult senators or elementary school children throwing a temper tantrum because you won’t get your way?

Secondly, you were elected by the people of your districts to represent them.  Get back to the office and do your job.  In the private sector, anyone who simply didn’t show up to work for “days, even weeks”, as you are threatening to do, would be fired for job abandonment and replaced.  Should you not report to the senate floor in a timely fashion, Gov. Walker should take that as your resignation from your elected office and begin the process of selecting interim Senators, be they Democrats, Republicans, or Independents.  And don’t try using the “the people haven’t had time to consider the consequences” excuse like I just heard one of you use.  That doesn’t fly with the public.

Thirdly, you can no longer call the Republicans the Party of “No”.  I can’t think of a bigger statement of “No” than what you are so childishly doing right now.  All that seems to be missing is the balled fists, scrunched faces, and stamping feet, with a few crocodile tears for effect.  Grow up, and get back to the business of the people, or get out and let someone else do it.

Now, to the “teachers” protesting in Madison, WI.  I use the phrase “teachers” loosely here, because what you’re teaching our students at the moment is despicable.  Don’t try to claim you are demonstrating what freedom of speech or democracy is.  This isn’t it.  This is about you all not wanting to give up what you feel you are entitled to.

Look around you at those of us in the private sector.  We actually pay into our health care and our retirement plans.  And all that comes out of our paychecks.  We don’t have the nice Cadillac plans of health care that you feel entitled to.  We don’t have “guaranteed” pensions.  We have to trust our own retirement options (401Ks, etc).  And we manage to continue to live good lives and make good money.

Stop whining about the fact that you are being asked to pay less than half the national average of what we in the private sector are paying.  We, the tax paying people of the country, not only pay into our own retirement and health plans, but we pay into yours as well.  Much like the senators, grow up, take some responsibility for your own future and care, and pay into the system like the rest of the private sector.  Stop thinking you are owed something by everyone else around you.

Oh, by the way, we’re more than aware that you aren’t sick today.  How do we know this?  We can see you on tv.  We aren’t that stupid.  Either fess up to what you are doing and where you are, or quit your jobs for being hypocritical jerks and lying to the kids and the supervisors.  I’m guessing you signed a contract to teach at the schools you are employed at.  You are lying to your employers, and if you were in the private sector, you’d be fired in a heart beat.  For the same reason the senators should be fired; job abandonment. 

But no, you’ll hide behind your union memberships and the safety of not being able to be fired to ignore your primary responsibility.  What is that you ask?  Let me remind you; it’s the children you made an agreement to teach.  Three days and counting you are being selfish and childish and ignoring the future of our country.  Although I’m not a parent at the moment, I certainly can say that when you returned to work (which I personally don’t believe you should retain that job), I would be finding a way to make certain my child was never taught by you again.

Okay, I think I’m done saying what’s on my mind.