Well, this is no fun

I wish this were some kind of bad April Fools Day joke, but it isn’t.

Danielle and I are not getting married on April 2nd.  Now, don’t take that to mean we aren’t getting married at all!!  Certainly not.  We both can’t wait to start our lives together.  We’re just having to postpone that event for a short while.

My soon to be father in law is having some health issues that need to be addressed.  This holds the potential for an outpatient surgery and some recovery time.  It’s just a matter of another test prior to that to determine if the surgery is necessary or not. 

One way or the other, we both want dad to be well and healthy so he can enjoy the day with us.  So we are going to wait until this issue is resolved.

For the praying types out there, will you keep my future father-in-law in prayers for a speedy recovery?