Day ??? of the Quarantine

So I’m now on day one of mandatory stay at home orders, and day three of working from home as personal choice. The stay at home order technically doesn’t apply to me as the client I’m working for is deemed essential therefore I’m deemed essential. But I can’t complain. I can work from home, which really isn’t much different than being more than 6 ft apart from the other two IT members at the client. Just means I don’t have to leave almost an hour early, get home an hour late and get to have lunchtime with my wife and son on a daily basis.

I really dislike politicians. Trying to slip unrelated fiscal expenditures into a bill that’s supposed to go to help the nations workers. Things that have NO relation whatsoever to helping people make sure they have income to buy essentials, like food and medication. Politicians just, in general, are not pleasant people. Just my opinion. And yes, there are exceptions to the rule.

Benefit of being home more recently; extra time with Levi in the morning and evening and getting lots of good food as Danielle has been doing great making healthy foods for us.

A little serving of buffalo sauce mixed with a little serving of fat free ranch dressing makes the best veggie and chip dip. And it’s pleasantly cheaper than buying something from the store. Currently chomping on fresh broccoli with that dip. Yum.

That’s it for today