Marching towards a Random Thought

Seriously, how cute are these two? How can I possible NOT love these two more than I already do?

Since this is called Random Thoughts, my next one is simply this: I hate politics. The hypocrisy is gut-wrenching, the incivility is astonishing, and the policies are mind numbingly absurd. I could go on a longer rant, but frankly, I’m not sure it’d make me feel better if I do.

Next random thought is that buying a new vehicle is an incredibly painful process. And it tends to be worse when looking for a used car. Or maybe I’m just an overly anxious guy and so ready to push the button/pull the lever/pull the trigger on this idea. Of course, then I’d probably end up with buyers regret. Okay, let’s avoid that.

Random thought three: I’m halfway through the first episode of Netflix’s The Witcher. 1, Henry Cavill looks nothing like his portrayal in Superman. Very distinctive voice, though. 2, I am hooked, scratch that, was hooked in the first five minutes. Hope the rest of this season is as good. 3, why they gotta make us wait till 2021 for season 2?

Random thought 4: Speaking of second seasons, Season 2 of Altered Carbon dropped. Can’t wait to pick that one up and see where it goes. Season 1 was brutal, but interesting.

Random thought 5: Season 7 of Clone Wars on Disney+ is a very good watch. Clone Force 99 (The Bad Batch) = 100% awesomeness.

Random thought 6: Woodford Reserve is pretty tasty.

Random thought 7: It’s been a long day. Jate ca, vod’e. (Yes, I’m having fun learning Mando’a).