Current random thoughts

Well, this is a new twist. My son has become addicted to Star Wars Galaxy of Adventure episodes on YouTube. As a result, he’s a huge fan of the Darth Vader: Path to the Darkside and Luke Skywalker: Journey of a Jedi. So much of a fan that he loves to imitate some of the scenes. In the Luke Skywalker one, it’s the animated story of Episode 4. When Obiwan gives Luke the light saber, Levi always has me hold a stormtrooper action figure’s blaster rifle (it’s a stand in), then takes it from me only when Ben actually places the saber in Luke’s hand. He then swings it around just like Luke does in the show. I guess I don’t have anything else to teach my son.

Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself.

Bye bye, Beto. It was so nice of you to provide us with so much humor. And reason NOT to vote for you. Like wanting to destroy our Second Amendment rights. Given that she’s shutting down campaign headquarters in some places, I suspect Kamalah is not far behind you.

Finished listening to book one of The Intrepid Saga: Outsystem, from M.D. Cooper. Not a bad book, but not a great one in my opinion. It’s well written, but I have a few problems overall. Set in the 41st century, humanity has conquered the task of extra galactic colonization. Genetic modification, cybernetic enhancements, AIs, and interstellar travel are all common place. This I don’t have a problem with, but the protagonist of the story, our central heroine, is just a little too perfect and too capable. In fact, in my opinion, even all of her supporting characters are too capable. The only incapable characters in the story are the numerous stereotypical hired thugs presented as the opposition. Knowing this was the first book of the series, I wasn’t too terribly worried about certain characters either surviving or not, or the central starship being damaged or destroyed. And I’d have to say minimal character development/growth in this book. Perhaps some of them will develop more in later books, if I can convince myself to get them.

Democrats, please please please do not let that entitled political has-been Hillary get into the Democratic race, and for the love of all that’s holy, DO NOT GIVE HER THE NOMINATION!!!! Not that I like any of your poll leaders (an Obama-wanna-be, a lying Native American wanna be, and a Democratic-Socialist economist-wanna-be), not because of WHO they are but because of the policies they are presenting. Honestly, I’m trying to determine if there’s any policies that are being presented by a Democratic candidate that I actually like.

I’m so over the whole impeachment inquiry debacle in the capital. Not because I believe the president is innocent of anything, but because those pushing the impeachment have so tainted the process that it’s hard to take anything they say credibly. Just my personal opinion.

Anyway, that’s all for now.