Happy Mothers Day

It’s May 12, 2019. Mothers Day.


Today, I get to celebrate 4 of the most wonderful women I’ve ever had the blessing of knowing.


First off (and in no specific order), is my own mother, Geraldine. One of the most beautiful, loving, Christian women I’ve ever known. Nurse of many a scrape and bruise, healer of broken feelings, filler of many a empty stomach, teacher of Christian values, forgiver of childhood mistakes, producer of wonderful hugs. While she’s been with our heavenly Father for the past 10 years, not a day goes by that she isn’t in my heart, reminding me that there is no such thing as a stranger, just a friend I haven’t met yet.


Next is my mother in law, Melanie. A loving mom to her own three children, a loving mother in law to her daughter and son in law. Loving grandma (Meme) and “spoiler” to her many grandkids. Master gardener, lover of all things humming birds/red birds/animals in nature. Loving daughter. I’m incredibly blessed to have become a part of her family.


Next is my sister, Diana. A loving, compassionate daughter. Provider of her own three wonderful children. Loving wife to Jim. Amazing sister to me and Ken. Tomboy through and through (yes sis, I still have never thought of you as a girlie girl). Fun loving, thoughtful, caring, determined, dedicated, driven, and without a doubt, a solid rock in my life that I can’t imagine not being there.


And finally (but certainly not least), my wife Danielle. Words can’t describe how amazing of a mother to our son Levi she is. Comforter, teacher, protector, healer, friend, playmate, disicplinarian, and so much more. She’s a daughter, sister, aunt, cousin, wife, mom (I think that’s all). Somehow keeps her head on straight (despite Levi’s – and according to her, my own – attempts to make her want to pull her hair out). Organizer of our lives, provider of our needs (aka head of the kitchen, laundry room, house. Don’t worry, she usually tells me what to do and I do it, not saying she does it all). She meal plans, grocery shops, tends to Levi, works, makes social plans for him, keeps him busy during the day. I suddenly realize that I haven’t run out of things to say about how amazing my wife is, but that there’s so much that she does that I can’t describe everything she does.


If your as blessed as I am to have a wife (who also happens to be the mother of your children), then you probably already know what I’m talking about. Everything I’ve described about the 4 most amazing women I’ve known is nothing new to anyone. I know that I will never (and I hope you dear reader will feel the same) take anyone of these women for granted, and never under-estimate them and what they are capable of. Danielle has taught me that. She’s so much stronger and capable than she thinks. I know this because whenever she feels at her lowest, I still see her rise to her highest.


Danielle, I love you too the moon and back. And that moon, btw, is in a galaxy far, far, away. It’s a forest moon.  Smile Just kidding. I love you to the end of the universe and back. I can’t wait to have many more years with you.