My wife is a super-hero

I seriously think my wife is a true super heroine. She’s got some amazing abilities that I certainly don’t have. Mutant, genetic experiment, exposed to radiation when she was younger, or alien princess? Who cares? She’s a super-heroine. Here’s why I think that.


My wife has mad organizational skills. Seems weird to think that’s a super power, but I believe it is in her case. This is the woman who can manage to organize herself and our son Levi to get him fed, cleaned, changed and dressed, and entertained all while preparing our meal for the morning or evening. She manages to get him in the car and off to is morning school program without missing a thing in is backpack or lunch box. She can run errands with him in tow and still manage to get everything on her list (last time I was shopping, I forgot one very important thing on the list while I was out by myself!).


This is the woman who can plan weekend activities in a heartbeat, knows how to schedule a baby sitter in a moments notice when needed, remembers our social schedule without needing to write it down (no chance here), and can meal plan for a week at a time with what appears to be minimal amounts of supplies.


But most of all, I think she’s a super-heroine because of how she as raised Levi. Due to our work schedules, she spends most of the time through the day with Levi. She’s become what I would have to consider to be the primary care giver for our wonderful little boy. I help as much as I can, spending as much time at night and in the mornings with him so she can have some kid-free time. But she spends, obviously, the most amount of time with him. Because of this, Levi’s development with speech and learning is just incredible. Watching him when I get home and on the weekends is just amazing to see the progress he makes. Some days he’ll use a phrase that I didn’t know he had learned. I look at Dani and she’s like, “yeah, I taught him that”.


Every day she impresses me with how well she does with Levi. Is she really a super-heroine? Probably not. She’s better. She’s a mother. And I love her.