The Heroes of Cribtown

It was 2:15 in the morning. The citizens of Cribtown were sound asleep, except one. Afraid of “the bad things” in the darkness, and hurting from some unknown pain, one small citizen knew he needed help. From whom, he had no idea, but his cry went out; once, twice, and again. Would anyone hear his pleas and come to his rescue?

And suddenly, out of the shadows appeared a man; tall frame hidden in shadows with a face masked in darkness. The small citizen wasn’t sure if this was friend or foe, until the dark stranger spoke. His voice was quiet, calm and soothing as he said, “What’s wrong, little one? Don’t worry, I’m here to help. Come with me, I’ll take you somewhere safe.” And the small citizen knew he was telling the truth, and reached up and was scooped into the dark man’s grasp. And just as quickly as he came, the two of them were off.

Within moments, they had arrived at the tall man’s hidden fortress of safety, buried in bedrock, providing a nice safe surrounding. He gentle set the small citizen down, and offered a gentle hug to calm his worries down. “Drink this, it’ll help ease the pain,” the tall man said, taking a small vial from a small pouch with a big red cross on it. The small citizen somehow knew he had nothing to fear from this (and it smelled like his favorite flavor, grape!), and happily drank it down.

The tall man gently laid the small citizen down in a large comfy bed. it was then that he realized that the tall man had a partner, a shorter, sweet woman who smiled lovingly at him. He knew he had nothing to fear from her as well, and settled down to sleep, knowing that the pain was gone, and that “the bad things” would not bother him again. “sleep, little one. We will watch over you tonight and keep you safe.”

When he awoke, the tall man and his partner were gone. He was safely back home, with no further problems through the night. Who were those unknown heroes that can take away his pain and keep the bad things away in the darkness? Will he ever see them again? He doesn’t know, but he gets the feeling that all he needs to do is cry out, and his Heroes of Cribtown will be there to help.