Landscape 1 to mission control…

Worst night of sleep.  Ever.  Tossed and turned all night, almost literally kicked my wife out of bed.  Sorry for kicking you, darling. 

It’s beautiful when you can save a little cash and do some property beautification chores that you’ve wanted to.  Tip: don’t start so late at night however.

WP_20160501_001  Here’s the south side of our house (the typical “before” picture).  The two dead spots are from where my garbage cans have been sitting for the past 2 years.  I’ve gotten sick of looking at that spot so we decided it’s time to do a little improvement.

WP_20160501_002WP_20160501_003WP_20160501_004 and by little, I really mean, a lot.  Sure it doesn’t look like much (yet), but the darker lines are my cut lines, and even making those (in wet sod) was a chore in and of itself.  The ground below is 1) muddy and thick, and 2) full or rock and other debris (from the build). 

WP_20160501_006After nearly two and a half hours of pushing, kicking, and pulling, I managed to get this area cleared of sod.

WP_20160501_007 Meet General Sod, my own kryptonian villan.  In case you are wondering, sod with wet muddy undersides is NOT light.

WP_20160501_005There was a single casualty in the process last night.  that’s one of the pavers for the garbage can patio (not fully started, yet).  Oh well, fortunately they are inexpensive.

WP_20160501_008WP_20160501_009WP_20160501_010But finally, here’s the end result of about 3 hours of work last night.  Next step is to lay down some weed barrier (after moving the rock I already laid down because I was too tired to realize I was doing it out of order), drop some edging around the outside, and the fill in the rock.  And THEN finish the garbage can patio section.  Thankfully I have a very supportive wife who keeps me hydrated and keeps me company too.