In addition to banning abortions due to fetal genetic abnormalities, the law will prohibit abortions done because of a fetus’s race, sex or ancestry and mandates that the only way to dispose of an aborted fetus is through burial or cremation.

The bill has been criticized by a national group of gynecologists and several female Republican members of the GOP-dominated Indiana Legislature, who say it goes too far in telling women what they can and can’t do.

"We know that you’re going to be forcing woman and families to suffer emotionally because they’re going to be force to carry pregnancies that are not viable," said Kate Connors, director of communications for the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, which recently wrote to Pence urging him to defeat the bill. "We’ve been hoping that the resounding chorus of voices would hit home. It obviously did not."


I’m sorry, but my interpretation of Ms. Connors’ statement is “fetuses with Downs Syndrome are not viable pregnancies.  Is anyone else reading that the same way?  Because if that’s what she’s saying, I have some serious issues with that viewpoint. 

Quote take from the Aric Chokey, AP, published 3.24.16, updated 3.25.16