Current random thoughts

1) Happy because the sun is up later in the evening, and the weather is nice, which means walking around the neighborhood can become a thing once again for me.  That and a re-focus on portion control and eating smarter will hopefully help lose the extra poundage I have been ignoring for too long.

2) Doubt I’ll get one, but suddenly have a desire to get a food dehydrator.  Yes, I want to try making my own jerky and veggie/fruit chips.  Even if the chips don’t turn out well, I am pretty sure I would make plenty of my own beef jerky.

3)   I just need to shake my head at the current political environment.  The two major party front runners scare me.  One I see as an uncaring, self-centered, entitlement-seeking liar, and the other is a dour-faced, bloviating, narcissistic ego-maniac who hasn’t clearly defined his plans.  I just don’t see this going good for the country.  I take comfort in knowing that no matter who is president, Jesus is King.