What have we come to?

Seriously just read a news article of an 18 year old who will spend the next 25 years for the stabbing death of a classmate.

The reason for the stabbing?  The classmate turned down his junior prom invitation.

I’m shaking my head and wondering what in the world is so disastrous about being told “no” to a prom invitation that someone commits murder over it?

Attorneys are going with an insanity defense, as the attacker shows signs of psychosis.  Still, I just can’t believe that anyone can seriously be that messed up.

I had it rough in school.  I wasn’t popular, or cute, or athletic, or any number of things that made me stand out. I didn’t go to either of my proms, mostly because I can’t imagine that anyone I would have asked would have said yes.

I was picked on, teased, tripped, made fun of.  But I never once considered stabbing, shooting, beating, or in any other fashion harming a fellow classmate. 

Can someone please tell me what’s happened to our kids now?