So, I had intended on writing a much longer post today in regards to a spiritual question I have.  But my editor of choice isn’t allowing me to access this blog (the parent site, dndrub.net, is working just fine!).

Yes, I could very well do the blog here, but honestly, now that I have noted the problem with Live Writer on this Win 10 system, I feel the need to try and get that fixed before writing more.

Besides, the question isn’t so pressing that I have to write it today.

In the meantime, it’s Jan 2nd, very early in the morning.  Well, early is 8:30 am, but for a Saturday, that’s early.  The sun is shining today, the temps are cool, and we have nothing planned except church later this evening.  I REALLY like these days.  Guess at some point today I should pay a few bills that need to get paid.  There goes my good mood.  🙂