Today’s random thought….

So, reading in the news about world leaders gathering in Paris to talk about climate change.  150 world leaders, to be exact.  now, let’s take into account it’s not just the leaders, but their entire entourage of sycophants and groupies (aka staff and advisers).

So what, you may ask.  Well, as others have pointed out, let’s look at the irony of 150 world leaders gathering in one place to discuss climate change.  Which will invariably include discussions about limiting carbon emissions.  My question is, how did these leaders get to the summit?  Pretty sure they didn’t take the horse and buggy approach. 

Planes! Trains! and Automobiles!!!  All of which (bum ba bum!!) emit CO2!  I’m guessing most of these people have never heard of teleconferencing?

But I’ll let sum it all up with this great article.