Okay, so this girl wants to pay 90% in taxes so that education can be “free”?  Let’s break this down just a little. I get paid approximately $2000 every two weeks.  If I got taxed at 90%, that’s $1800 out of each paycheck.  That leave me with $200 for two weeks.


Vehicle insurance, gas, and car payment to get to the job that helps me make $100 a week…house payment (or rent) so my wife and I can have a place to live so I can go to work and make $100 a week…medication so I can be healthy enough to go to work and make $100 a week…food so I can survive each week to get to that job and make $100 a week…utility bills to pay for the electric and water that keeps the house cool/warm and us bathed so I can go to a job and make $100 a week…

And exactly where is the “free” part of all this?  You want higher education?  You want medical insurance/healthcare?  Work your own butt off (and don’t think you deserve $15/hour flipping burgers when our military people get paid WAY less to protect your uninformed <ahem>’s freedom to think such an absurd thing), get training, move up the ranks, get a better job, get better skills, work for your own stuff!  Quit thinking the rest of us want to pay for your crap.