This darkness is affecting my Facebook privacy

Two hoaxes floating Facebook this week.  The first is this…

NASA has confirmed that there will be 15 days of darkness this coming November.  Okay, let’s just downplay this one right off the bat?  You haven’t heard anything about this in mainstream media, just on Facebook.  Can we just call it hoax and forget it?  There’s so many (black)holes in the story anyway, that it’s just silly.

The second is that Facebook is going public and posting a disclaimer will provide some legal privacy protection.  This one’s been floating around for years, and has been verified many times over that it’s false.

Did you see this picture?  There’s apparently some confusion if this young girl is underwater or not.  I’m kind of curious as to why someone would think she was underwater, since the first thing that’s an obvious indication that she isn’t is the fact that her hair is completely dry!  I guess everyone sees things differently (blue dress/gold dress).

Someone posted a link to this. All I can say is, yes, I would.  I’ve been there, and didn’t see or feel anything that would convince me in abnormal paranormal activity.  If I did hear noises in the night, I’d suspect someone was playing tricks on me to try and convince me.  Am I skeptic, yeah.

Then there’s this couple.  Let’s just say, not the brightest crayons in the box.  I’m no criminal mastermind, but if you’re going to knock over a bank (or somewhere else), it’s probably best NOT to post on your own public Facebook age a picture of your McStack.  Stupid name, btw, mir’sheb.

And to end this post on a positive note, I saw a really neat item at Versona last week while shopping with the wife for a friends birthday.  It said “Don’t Dream It, Do It”.  I realized how many memes and posts I see on FB that always encourage people to have big dreams, or big wishes, or big hopes.  But I like this particular one (or perhaps it just jumped out at me that particular day) because it’s acknowledges the concept of having big dreams, but it has that great conviction to actually GO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!!!!  Having a dream isn’t beneficial without the action to accomplish it.  Sure, you may not accomplish that dream, but at least you tried!!! 

My dream right now is that I can get someone’s internet working, so I’m gonna go do it.