Some random thoughts for this week

Mr. President, no private corporation should ever have to call you before making their business decision. 
A senator is NOT a hero (nor is a hacker, Ed Snowden) for simply releasing a bunch of papers and accusations.  A hero is someone who puts their life on the line, standing between the innocent and danger, someone who sacrifices their time and needs for the good of the weak and the poor.  Releasing a document (and a questionable one at that) that reveals the secrets of our intelligence gathering community is not being a hero, it’s being a villain and possibly a traitor (but that’s just my opinion).
As someone else pointed out, Sony’s decision for pulling their movie wasn’t a win for terrorists.  It was just a bad business decision.  And yes, they pulled it because they gave the theaters the option not to show it, which the majority of them took.  If you want a win for terrorists, just remember: we’ve been taking off our shoes at the. Airport for stupidity sake for 13 years.
What the bloody sithspit is “microaggression”?  Seriously, if you are offended by a single word, you’ve got issues.  Pulling the name off of a soda machine (SodaStream) because it’s manufactured in Israel and MIGHT offend some Palestinian students is beyond insane.  Cancelling Santa’s appearance at a traditional Christmas celebration because 1 person complained?  Really?  What about the 100 (my own number) that was just offended for having their tradition destroyed for political correctness.
UGW students have proven how incredibly dumb they are.  They actually signed a petition (fortunately, it’s fake) to have one American citizen deported in exchange for one illegal immigrant.  Wait for that to sink in.  The Institute for Campus Reform actually had people sign this petition.  Only one person asked how’d they’d choose which citizens they’d deport.  I suggest they start with the morons that signed the petition.
My Christmas shopping is actually done.  Yeah!  And my coal tender is working again, which means my train is running.  Happy memories.  I miss you, mom and dad.  The train looks great beneath the tree.  Wish we could have done that while you two were still here.
Welcome to the world, Penelope Davis.  Can’t wait to meet you.  You’ve got a great set of parents, and a funny big brother.  Not to mention some cool uncles and aunts.