The best things in life…

I don’t always take the time to recognize some of the best things that I have in my life.  Today, for some reason, I need to take notice of those things.

1) My great and mighty God

2) My fantastic and loving wife

3) My wonderful immediate family and my supportive extended family

4) My close and trust-worth friends

It’s become something of a weekly habit to meet one of my oldest friends for what we call “Funny Pizza Lunch”.  He gets a new, different flavored pizza as often as he can, and we sample it while catching up on each other’s lives.

This isn’t my oldest friend by our actual ages.  No, this is my oldest friend since we’ve known each other since our freshman year of college.  He is as close as any brother, wiser than any man I know, and a strong Christian that I could only hope to be like.

I hadn’t realized until today how much I appreciate just that simple hour long time with him each week.  His family schedule and my own schedule means we don’t gather as often as we used to.  So I value the time we spend together.  I wish we could visit together more often, or even just longer than an hour on the day we do get to meet. 

Thank you vod (brother).  You know who you are.