Been awhile

Okay, so apparently it’s been awhile since I have gotten around to actually writing something on the blog.

Truth is, I’ve had a lot of things I’ve wanted to say on my mind (mostly on social and political issues that are happening now), but I’ve opted to NOT say some of these things.

Why?  Am I scared of offending someone?  No.  I’m not responsible for anyone else’s emotional response to anything I say.  I am entitled to my opinions favoring or disagreeing with someone else’s opinions.  And others are welcome to have their own opinions, agreeing with or disagreeing with my own views.  I’m certainly not someone who uses purposefully inflammatory wording when writing something, I’d just write in a civil manner and invite discussion.

No, I’ve just opted to not say much about these issues because I just don’t have the time to argue or defend those opinions.  The more I think on some of these things (and have realized from the occasional discourses on Facebook), the time it takes to have civil conversation is just something I don’t have.

I understand that in today’s society, we encourage people to get involved, say something , be active, etc.   But I’m discovering, for myself at least (and am in no way translating this as a general statement to anyone else), I have a lot more things happening right now that require my attention.

Am I political?  I’m politically aware, just not involved.  I don’t go to rally’s, I don’t donate to campaigns, but I do vote after listening to and researching candidates. 

Am I religious?  Nope.  But I am in a relationship with Jesus Christ.  Do I think that makes me better than anyone else?  No way.  I’m as flawed and worthless as every other person.  I just realize that I need God’s grace and mercy and salvation through Jesus Christ.  Will I judge someone for not being a follower, or for following another faith?  Nope.  That’s their right.  I may disagree with that, but I’m not judging, nor condemning.  Not my place.  I’m just living my life as best as I can to be as much like Christ as I can.  I’m sharing my story when someone wants to hear it, and letting them make up their mind.

Okay, that’s it for my random thoughts for now.  Happy Day.